Breakfast Blend: The Rascals

This is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction clip.

You are entitled to your issues about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, we all are, (the idea is basically bogus, I think), but I think it’s pretty sweet to recognize these guys, which this event did.

And a shout out to Eddie Cavalieri for shouting out to Freedom Suite and Time/Peace, when the Rascals tried to make a difference.

The clip is long, but the intro clips are nice. And by then you should have enough to go on. Little Stevie isn’t wrong.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: The Rascals

  1. Funny, my guitar-playing friend who introduced me to that great Sonics song Tuesday night followed up saying something like, “It’s a shame The Sonics never got big-time recognition, yet a band like. . .(he had to think for a little), for example, The Rascals did.”

    I’m no expert on either band, but an odd coincidence nonetheless. Just saying.

  2. The Rascals got signed to Atlantic, that was most of the difference. Not only did Atlantic know how to promote them, Atlantic knew how to develop them. They thank Arif Mardin and Tom Dowd in their speeches, who taught them how to make records that were hits without sacrificing one ounce of what made them great live. The Sonics were not so fortunate. And the Rascals quickly become great songwriters, while the Sonics remained mostly a cover band. And the Rascals had Dino. It’s not really possible to say “the best” but for sure very few drummers are/were even in his class. BTW, I knew a kid who could play all of Dino’s stuff perfectly at age 12. HE QUIT PLAYING DRUMS because they “have no melodic expression.” Damn hippies.

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