Night Music: Mink DeVille, “Venus of Avenue D”

It’s funny. WFMU added a station up here in the Hudson Valley, where I spend a lot more time in the car than I do in the city. So I listen to the radio more.

This cut was playing as I left the farmer’s market this afternoon. It’s the first cut on the first Mink DeVille album, Cabretta. There was some shtick to Willy’s persona, but he lived the romance of his music, and the arrangements and production and songcraft and performances on these first two elpees (Cabretta followed by Return to Magenta) was impeccable. And enduring. What a great song to hear on the radio by surprise.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Mink DeVille, “Venus of Avenue D”

  1. The records are more stylized than they were live, or rather the style convinced live. They put out. There was a lot of 50s throwback to the early NYC scene, these guys and the Tuff Darts with Robert Gordon, also the Ramones and the Heartbreakers and of course Blondie, each in their own way.

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