Night Music: Sounds of Modification, “Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart”

The first rock band I ever heard/saw live was the Sounds of Modification (the perfect band name for Nixon loving Long Island), who set up in the parking lot in Smithtown, outside Chess King (our jeans store) and rocked. At least a couple of them had been in my dad’s gym class at Sachem High School, and I’d met them, but now I was here with friends out on our own. When they played I stood as close to the band, who used a flat truck trailer as a stage, as I could, and was deafened by the volume. We walked home afterwards, overjoyed and exultant.

I’m awed that a song I heard that day I can hear again.

One thought on “Night Music: Sounds of Modification, “Darkness Fills My Lonely Heart”

  1. Some fine garage music (want to say “gah-rajh” like The Clash). Going on vaca to the woods for a week Saturday afternoon, so I’ll leave things in your capable hands.

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