Night Music: Epic Rap Battles of History, “Stephen King versus Edgar Allan Poe”

Until about 20 minutes ago I didn’t know this was a thing. Two characters rap against each other, two characters from history tell their stories competitively, and then an expressive announcer asks us all to vote.

This video has more than 9,000,000 views. The John Lennon versus Bill O’Reilly battle has more than 30 million. Lady Gaga versus Sarah Palin? More than 34 million.

This is big business, and has obviously touched a chord. I’m not sure which one that is. There’s cursing, bad costumes, historical facts spouted too fast to absorb, and bad music.

But once I started I had a hard time stopping. We’re doomed.

Stay up all night, there are a lot of them. Here’s the Gaga Palin smackdown.

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