Lunch Break: Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group, “Barabajagel (Love Is Hot)”

Donovan Leitch was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame yesterday. There is always a goofiness about his songs, a goofiness that his not Hall of Fame quality, and a catchiness and hookiness that certainly. Jeff Beck Group plays guitar on this one, with his band (but apparently not Rod Stewart). What makes that interesting is that listening to the backup singers, mostly female, I thought I heard some familiar male voices (though not Stewart’s). I couldn’t find definitive credits, but I did find the blog, Lady Garfunkel’s Song of the Day, which covered the song in May of 2009. She reports speculation someplace that the Robert Plant-like voice in the mix might actually be Robert Plant. Could be, but you be the judge.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group, “Barabajagel (Love Is Hot)”

  1. Always liked Barabajagal, as I like many Donovan songs. He’s my favorite wimp. I laugh at this one but I still love the tune, from around the same time and maybe also with Jeff Beck et al. It’s begging for a punky cover:

  2. Don’t have much to say other than both of these are good and I don’t know enough. Tempted to get the album which, in the Barabajagal comments, someone says it’s a “play the whole thing” album. Shit, I guess I didn’t get the memo; I still think almost all albums are that.

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