New Night Music: The Menzingers, “I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore”

I read a good review of this band’s “punky” new record last week and waded in. These guys are from Scranton PA, and the band’s name is the phonetic spelling of the German word for troubadour, which is kind of what gives here. You would hope that the sons of coal miners and refinery workers would be clawing (or digging) like mad to escape the brutal lives their parents lived as they struggled to get their little honeys into college and away from a life of Walmart and picking scabs off the inside of their various orifices. Kind of like Steve, who hails from around those parts, but no.

This kind of punk is really singer songwriter pop bleating catchy tunes above some well struck drums and jangly-hard guitars. I listened to a bunch of Menzinger’s songs and this one is the best I heard, but if you like it you might find something you like more in their catalog. If that’s the case, I’d suggest you try harder. There’s no reason to settle for competent fake punk.

By the way, I tried to be grumpy about the video but I couldn’t. Perfect.

Hmm, Menzingers, kind of like telling jokes about men. Kind of like that video. Brilliant.

One thought on “New Night Music: The Menzingers, “I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore”

  1. Was really hoping for something here. As in, if this was good, I could’ve not only bought the records, but easily caught them live in their hometown.

    The video’s cute and all, but alas (I fucking hate when people say alas), the music is that godawful pop-punk that we’re overwhelmed with today, spawned by the lovable Decendents and proliferated by stinky Green Day.

    Back to the orifice scabs. . .

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