LATER: Veruca Salt, “Seether” 2014

Last week we did a little nostalgic walk back to the lovely-and-cleverly-named Veruca Salt, and their high profile song (was it a hit? in indy circles it was), Seether.

It was a pretty good pop rock meld, not too heavy, but clever enough for college kids to get.

Now, 18 years later, Veruca Salt is back.

They re-launched on Conan, and here’s their aged version of Seether.

Not terrible. Not awful. If I was their friend and they were playing in a bar that wasn’t too far from my house and I didn’t have other plans, I would go see them. And I would appreciate that they are smart enough to know that they can’t reproduce the magic. They’re engineering the magic, again.

And hoping to cash in. I expect the hoping part isn’t in play. Promoters know they can generate lots of dough off our idiotic romance with our past.

Or maybe it isn’t idiotic. Maybe that nostalgia is a serious part of our personalities. We all have the bug.

3 thoughts on “LATER: Veruca Salt, “Seether” 2014

  1. They do get the guitar sound here. But the singing quickly brings it back down to terrible awful.

    Just sing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and go away.

  2. Nostalgia is fine as long as it’s not the main thing. And I’m all for cashing in as long as it was worthwhile to begin with. But Iggy should put a shirt on.

  3. I must admit, when the brunette tilts back a bit while hammering power chords, it seems sincere. And hot. Just wish she’d keep her mouth shut.

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