Breakfast Blend: In The Basement

This tune popped up in my Youtube list today, because (I’m pretty sure) Sugar Pie DeSanto is doing a show a Littlefields, a small club in my nabe, in a few weeks. So I played the song. Sugar Pie DeSanto and Etta James cut this one in 1966, and it rocks.

So I thought that it might be good fun to see Sugar Pie, even though Etta James died a few years ago. But then I found this clip and I was conflicted.

On the one hand, the band seems strong, if kind of professionally bland. And she’ll be playing with a different band. On the other, Sugar Pie seems more adept at dirty dancing than singing these days, as that clip shows.

So, what do you do? Do you go to the show? Or do you avoid the discomfort?

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