Lunch Break: Falco, “Rock Me Amadeus” w/Sturmgeist

During that crazy Mozart fad, back in the 80s, an Austrian toff had a crazy hit that Lawr had suppressed from memory. One of only six Billboard No. 1 hits in a language other than English. Not including Love is Blue and Grazing in the Grass. For the record, here it is. Don’t start with the volume too high.

Like most hits, Rock Me Amadeus has been covered many times. Sturmgeist, a Norwegian black metal band, is neutered by this awful awful song, but brings all their tools, hoping for a miracle.

I’m looking for a death metal version of Dominique.

One thought on “Lunch Break: Falco, “Rock Me Amadeus” w/Sturmgeist

  1. Sorry Peter-

    I refuse to listen for if I did know this and successfully purged, I don’t want to revisit the past. And, if I really don’t know it (I never heard of “Never Been to Me” till I heard a Gene Loves Jezebel cover) I would be bummed to discover it at this late age.

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