Breakfast Blend: Japanese Group Sounds

1001x994xtumblr_n1mmejcYwm1qk2ek1o1_1280.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IWEJxFBffyStumbled on this stuff this morning, via this site.

Not surprising, there was a vibrant Japanese beat music scene in the 1960s, called Group Sounds, which borrowed from the harmonies and sounds of the British Invasion and psychedelica and turned them into something else.

Too soon to curate, too good to wait.

Lind and the Linders

The Toys

The Jacks

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Japanese Group Sounds

    • Of course this is in your sweet spot Evan! I actually managed to get I Am Just The Mops into my second post, when I couldn’t stop listening. Thanks!

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