Breakfast Blend: I Believe

I’ve always liked this Stevie Wonder song. I like Petra Hayden. And I kinda like Bill Frisell’s guitar playing.

For those expecting Fu Manchu, go home, but Frisell is a guy who straddles the jazz world and some other world, which is not the one of hammered chords. But as this cover shows, he’s down with reverb and looping and extending his strings as far as he can. And it all sounds good, usually without sounding pretty.

I’ve seen him live a few times, twice with the great now-deceased drummer and composer Paul Motian and the great tenor sax player Joe Lovano at the Village Vanguard. I wish he got dirty more, at least sometimes, but on the other hand, that’s so old.

For breakfast lovely harmonies and harmonics rule!

Stevie Wonder was making sounds when this came out that no one had heard before.

One thought on “Breakfast Blend: I Believe

  1. Big fan of Petra, big fan of Frisel, big fan of Stevie, and big fan of this song which is over the closing credits to “High Fidelity” (“You’re Gonna Miss Me” by the 13th Floor Elevators opens).

    great pick.

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