baby baby don’t forget we’re gonna rock till we’re soaking wet

My thing for 1950’s rockroll, as Steve puts it, goes back to the blues and forward to soul and R&B among other things. Many of these songs are in danger of disappearing, although maybe I’m wrong and they were hits again in movies that I’ve never seen. In any case, it’s good to hear them and surely there are kids who haven’t heard them. Not MY kids, they have been steeped in their rocknroll heritage.

My favorite kid rocknroll incident was about 1991, I’m driving with my sons Gene (age 8) and Matthew (6) and The Beatles’ Please Mr. Postman comes on the radio so I jack it up and sing along because it’s such a great sing along song. When it ends I turn the volume down and Matt pipes up from the back seat “John at his best.” Of course he had heard that from me, nevertheless I almost drove off the road.

My biggest thrill with kid rocknroll was singing Chinese Rocks with my son Gene and his band at a club here in Fort Collins. We nailed it.

So I thought I’d post a great blues song and a great R&B song. They play Howlin Wolf on TV commercials but they don’t play this, as good as anything he ever did:

I wouldn’t try to top that singing but for hard funk it don’t get much better than this:


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  1. Great stuff! Groove Me is a reminder of the link between New Orleans and Jamaica, where the beat was cross fertilizing out of control because of the radio (over big water).

    Also, Jean Knight recorded “Mr. Big Stuff” in the same session.

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