Night Music: Fugazi, “The Waiting Room”

When I write my words about these songs I’m trying to figure it out.

Fugazi was a punk band that showed up after punk. They embraced the real political values of punk and made music that many loved. With an activist spirit that pissed off some.

I love Fugazi’s motives, they were activist and political, and I admire their music. I am so glad that there is today a big active population today that shares their values.

Let’s get to the fucking song:

One thought on “Night Music: Fugazi, “The Waiting Room”

  1. As I’ll mention whenever possible, Ian MacKaye produced the Follow Fashion Monkeys’ never-released second album. But even though he was kind of my friend for a while, I never got into Fugazi. Loved Minor Threat though.

    Ian is indeed the most pure punk of all, never selling out one bit. Even his friend Henry Rollins sold out sort of, even though it was mostly in a good way.

    I always hope Ian at least makes a good living these days, because he certainly deserves it.

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