4 thoughts on “Rolling Stone: Top 10 Punk Rock Bands Readers Poll

  1. Was cruising along happily, thinking, “gee, this is a surprisingly good list – for Rolling Stone” even though I don’t think Social Distortion is anything special and the Dead Kennedys were too high (wouldn’t make my top 10, for sure).


    #2 – The Clash – Figured this was coming. Their “best” work had little to do with punk and they were a total embarrassment at the end.

    #1 – Peter sure knows how to rile me up.

    • The cool thing is I had to mess with the link so you didn’t land on the splash page, which had a picture of fucking Green Day. Which gave away the show. But “hacked” it so Steve missed that page, which got his glands releasing.

      I think to say that the Clash’s “best” work had little to do with punk puts the arse before the elbow, but I was reading a Yahoo Answers thread from kids wondering why Green Day wasn’t considered punk, and the main argument was that the Clash incorporated ska, blues, rockabilly, dub, and other genre’s into London Calling, so why couldn’t Green Day!

      Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. And those who remember history are doomed to repeat it because of all those who ignored it.

      • The thing about Social Distortion and the Dead Kennedys is that there are bands touring today playing those songs. They’re alive. Or live. I think that’s fine. Both were born in the punk era, with punk values. They don’t make my list, but they are current. And they deserve to be on a deeper list.

        Offspring, Green Day, Rancid, belong on a different list. Not that I’m into categories.

  2. I’d do my Punk Rock 10, but no one cares about the Angry Samoans. Then there’s categorization – are MC5 punk rock? What about Turbonegro? “Ass Cobra” is punk rock all the way. “Dudes” is just punk influenced (kind of like The Clash, but better).

    Offspring, Green Day and Rancid should be on a list of Shit Rock.

    What does Mikey Fenger think?

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