Good Morning: Falling in Reverse, “The Drug In Me is You”

I found this band about 10 minutes ago. I hear Queen and a ton of glam, and I’m happy to have heard them. I think you will too.

I have no idea where this music fits in the grand scheme, but it resonates in my part of the world. Get me on the mailing list!

Ps. Listened to some more Falling in Reverse today, and I have to say that The Drug In Me is You is a really good song. Maybe their best. A little of this stuff goes a long way for me, but most of it doesn’t connect at all. This song does, despite the silly video.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning: Falling in Reverse, “The Drug In Me is You”

  1. They look like a band full of Hellacopter Dregens, but Dregen was good (at least with The Hellacopters – Backyard Babies – not so much).

    It reeks of some fairly recent overplayed pop-punk song that I’m not going to take the time to find.

    Talk about bad singing voices. . .

  2. Got his voice now, it’s Offspring. God damn Offspring. Second to Green Day in the category of Commercialized Embarrassment To Punk. The Kings Of Hot Topic.

    • Offspring? Green Day? Rancid? These are not punk bands. They are bands that use the punk style. They don’t embarrass punk, they demonstrate its original creativity and illustrate the eventual devolution into conformity.

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