Night Music: James Gang, “Walk Away”

The James Gang did not rank that high on my teenaged chart. Much lower than Bachman Turner Overdrive, for instance.

But this song is great, and today I was in a store where Hotel California was playing and–given our recent excursion into Don Henleyland–I was reminded how Joe Walsh turned the Eagles into a real rock band. Before Joe they were revivalists, or soft sellers, pretty much.

I have no idea why the James Gang seemed to my teenaged brain a product of the machine more than all the other products of the machine I embraced. I know now that Joe Walsh is one of the most significant guitarists of our time.

This is a fine song, done by a bunch of boys who know where their hearts are. Seems to me you can’t beat that.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: James Gang, “Walk Away”

  1. Oh Joe Walsh, why did you join the stinky Eagles? This post reminded me that “Rocky Mountain Way” was another of my sixth grade bowling Saturday morning jukebox staples.

    Am proud to say that, as a cover musician who has stooped very low at times, I have never yet played Jimmy Buffett or “Hotel California.”

    You’ve gotta stand for something.

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