Night Music: David Bowie, “Five Years”

I’m embarrassed to say that until today I had no consciousness of this song. I’d heard it, I’m sure, but I never really heard it.

That is surprising because I’ve long been apocalyptic. I don’t think our demise is imminent, but I’ll be surprised if we outlive our ability to share jpegs.

This Bowie song is a primitive warning. How could he know?

Hat tip to Angela, bless you.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: David Bowie, “Five Years”

  1. If we limited Rock Remnants to 1970-1975, I’d probably be happy as a clam. (And when did I grow up?)

    I had a girlfriend who looked quite a bit like David Bowie. Still worries me to this day.

    Canticles for Leibowitz?!?!?!?

  2. I am a Canticle for Leibowitz fan from way back – “lb. pastrami” indeed. Like so many Bowie songs especially from this period, this contains great and awful lyrics in the same song. I always liked the spare 50s feel of the music. I would, however, point out that it’s been about 35 years since the 5 years ran out. And here we are. I would also note that the phrase “post-apocalyptic” is a contradiction in terms, so I’m glad that you are only apocalyptic, Peter.

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