Breakfast Blend: Stranger In The House

Another of Elvis Costello’s secret songs was Stranger in the House. I have a copy that came as a bonus 45 in, um, Armed Forces, maybe. I can’t remember. Limited edition. Only a few thousand out there.

But then George Jones and Elvis recorded this duet, and the internet happened. I no longer believe my Stranger in the House b/w Neat Neat Neat is going to pay for my daughter to go to school for more than a day or two. But it’s still a great song. Heck, the Damned cover is awesome, too.

It is bizarre that Stranger in the House, Hoover Factory and Radio Sweetheart weren’t on My Aim Is True. Hard choices, I guess.

Here’s Radio Sweetheart as a singalong with a crowd that needed coaxing. I can’t imagine going there, but that’s a performer’s job.

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