Night Music: The Cox Family, with Allison Krauss, “Remind Me, Dear Lord”

I won’t say this one has much to do with fucking on the floor, but it is darn near perfect even if you have no faith in anything. Except maybe fucking on the floor.

On a broader note, the Cox Family is a bluegrass gospel group who plays music that is clear and principled and has musical virtue apart from their beliefs. Their records are ace and should not be missed.

Allison Krauss, as we know, is super talented and even turned Robert Plant into a hitmaker again. She’s also a fantastic fiddle player with a very smooth and excellent voice.

I love the Cox Family on their own, but Krauss raises their game. Dig deep into their catalog. My friends will say they don’t rock, but they scratch a serious itch.


One thought on “Night Music: The Cox Family, with Allison Krauss, “Remind Me, Dear Lord”

  1. 1) So Peter, you don’t particularly care for religion, but you dabble in sappy religion, eh?

    2) Do farm animals bring one closer to Christ?

    3) I love the line, “so remember, I’m a human.” Can’t help picturing the singer as some Elephant Man-like creature.

    Seriously, I dabble in sappy religion myself sometimes. Mostly just giving you a hard time.

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