Lunch Break: The Band “Chest Fever”

Of course I am working, and streaming KTKE (still the best radio on earth in the best traditional listening to the radio sense) and The Band’s Chest Fever hit the airwaves.

The studio version is among my favorite songs by the iconic group, but I found this live version from Woodstock that is so good (too bad no real video).

Aside from the killer church organ intro, the group pushes this cranker forward in such a relaxed fashion, that it just flies by.

Really love the drums and Robbie Robertson is as good as they come on the guitar. Vastly under-rated.


One thought on “Lunch Break: The Band “Chest Fever”

  1. This is one of my favorite Band tracks, because of the way Garth gets out front, and the just plain heaviness of his whole thing. It’s pleasing without seeming to try to please. It’s the Band as Yes, and that ain’t bad.

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