Breakfast Blend: One Track In Spurts

I may have had this thought before, but this song from the Heartbreaker’s LAMF is basically the same song as Richard Hell and the Voidoid’s Love Comes in Spurts.

Hell was in the Heartbreakers, but left. One Track Mind is credited to Walter Lure (who sings) and Jerry Nolan. Love Comes In Spurts is credited to Richard Hell.

Here’s a live version of the Heartbreakers with Hell playing Love Comes in Spurts. Interesting how similar the arrangement is to the album version recorded with Richard Gottehrer later.


One thought on “Breakfast Blend: One Track In Spurts

  1. I was at this show, or one that weekend anyway, around Christmas 1975. Mink DeVille opened. The sound on this leaves a lot to be desired and I desire it, and indeed the Hearbreakers’ version was never recorded properly. As Peter notes, after Hell left they rewrote it as One Track Mind, which is fabulous but 1) Johnny’s riff in the latter is not quite so awesome, and 2) Jerry simplified his part, also not as good. Many years later (about 1990) Fun/No Fun opened for the Waldos and I asked Walter if it was cool that we did One Track Mind and he said sure, so we did. I have a version of Love Comes in Spurts that someday I will finish.

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