Lunch Break: Wilson Pickett, “Hey Jude”

This clip starts with Eric Clapton talking about how great Duane Allman is on this song, and he is great. Towards the end, when the horns are pounding, Duane’s searing lead guitar is a harmony and a challenge at the same time. That makes  the arrangement all the richer.

Still, listening now, the audacity comes from the idea of an Atlantic artist covering a No. 1 hit song in a deep an meaningful way. That may have happened before, but it never happened before more beautifully.

Duane was a part of that, but it is the overall arrangement that makes this one of the great R+B cuts of its time.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Wilson Pickett, “Hey Jude”

  1. This came up on my Pandora the other day, to my delight. Wilson and the band called Duane “Skydog.” Here’s another of Duane’s great sessions, with Boz Scaggs, one that could easily make the “greatest songs over 7 minutes” list;

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