Night Music: Ben Harper, “Get It Like You Like It”

Once again, I found myself listening to KTKE the other day when this Ben Harper song came on. Only, I did not realize it was Ben Harper, sounding to me like some kind of cross between Prince’s Raspberry Beret and anything out of the Band’s catalog.

Harper is so interesting.

Clearly, he is a killer guitar player, and has so many influences that drive his music which I think is the result of exploration of whatever groove he is feeling as anything. And, I guess that is a good thing.



One thought on “Night Music: Ben Harper, “Get It Like You Like It”

  1. Great sound, always appreciate a Johnny Damon reference, but too jammy. Even more than cheap Portuguese wine. I wouldn’t kick it off the radio, at least not right away, but I lose interest when neither the song nor the music grabs a hold.

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