Movie Songs II

A franchise is born, but like the Hunger Games series, the original director has been replaced.

Lawr started this with an excellent list of songs about the movies. Not songs from the movies, no Randy Newman here, but songs about the movies in some way.

While reading and listening my way through Lawr’s post, however, I thought of some songs that I thought fit. Here they are:

With a nice skit (featuring Bruce Dern as the director!).

This was the Clash movie song that I thought of first, maybe because Brooklyn native son Monty Clift is buried just up the street here in Greenwood Cemetery.

Okay, a bit of a stretch. This beautiful song tells the story of an imaginary film, but it’s the language of film that structures the lyrics, just as much as Leslie West’s beautiful guitar makes me want to play it over and over again (as I did in high school). The sound on this clip is pretty bad, but the performance comes through anyway. I chose it because I think this was the same concert, later broadcast on NBC, that I watched for Mountain and Sly and the Family Stone, but which most memorably introduced me to Iggy and the Stooges.

This one, too, is the story of a movie that doesn’t exist. Cut to the baby taking off her clothes, close up of the sign that says we never close. Indeed.

One thought on “Movie Songs II

  1. These are great!

    And, sorry if it drives Steve nuts that we go outside the box as it were, but music and art and culture are so inexorably linked, that it is hard for me to color within the lines.

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