Night Night Music: Dwight Yoakum and Flaco Jimenez, “Carmelita”

A Warren Zevon song about junk, with accordion.

Dwight Yoakum is a strange case. He has a strong voice and always has a strong band and pushes his California Country sound in interesting directions. Teaming with Flaco was a smart idea. But Dwight’s strong voice is also a little soulless. He pushes ideas and manhandles inflection, and I find the heart to be hooded and a little bit mechanical.

Do you believe Dwight (with the hat) his strung out on heroin on the outskirts of town, falling deeper in love with Carmelita as he sweats and retches? I do not.

But Flaco’s accordion and the band here carry things quite nicely. But if you want to believe, check out Warren Zevon’s version. Or GG Allin’s.

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