3 thoughts on “Night Music: The Rolling Stones, “Sway”

  1. Truly great Stones tune. I always thought they were saying “evil eye” or “evil eyes” or something. Shows how much attention I pay to lyrics. King Knucklehead I am.

    • Some claim this is the best version of the song, which Taylor wrote with Jagger (though the song is credited to Jagger Richards).


      I’m going to opine that Taylor’s solo here is great and given the space he didn’t get as a Stone. And Ian Stewart’s piano is a huge plus. The Stone who was pushed aside is really important.

      I’d say the Stones’ version has the advantage of Jagger’s vocals and Charlie Watts’ drumming, which has some crazy syncopations and is to my mind what makes the song sound special.

      Taylor LAMF.

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