5 thoughts on “Night Music: Sir Douglas Quintet, “Mendocino”

  1. Thought I was seeing “American Hustle” again (which wouldn’t be a bad thing). Ahh Barbi Benton. . .sweet young Barbi Benton. . .

    • I know! The clip started and my first thought was, Barbi Benton! How freakin’ indelible is that? We’re all imprinted. But not Doug. He could have gotten a smack, but he walked by to the stage. All business.

  2. Barbi Benton was from Sacramento, where I grew up (after my parents had the temerity to move from Berkeley, but I moved back as soon as I was 17) and went out with my brother’s friend Stuart Zeman for like a half-a-sec.

    We know I love Sir Doug, though…

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