Journey Into The Internet K-Hole

The two pictures I’ve posted here are of famous rock bands back in the 80s that I found in a post at the Internet K-Hole. It seems that every few months babs posts a collections of snapshots from the 80s, mostly, of kids on skate boards, bands, kids at dances, kids surfing, an occasional nude, kids hanging, kids wearing band t-shirts, kids at the beach, kids with guitars, etc. The pictures are captionless, without context, sometimes adjacent ones relate to each other, but often they come from across the country at seeming random, certainly taken by different photographers, but they seem to tell one artful story, a memoir of a generation, about what it was like to be 16 and 20 and 24 back in the 80s.

If babs posted weekly, we’d get a lot less done.



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3 thoughts on “Journey Into The Internet K-Hole

  1. Don’t know who the top band is, but the bottom’s gotta be Husker Du. Greg Norton’s moustache and Bob Mould’s Flying V give it away.

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  3. Top is DEVO with Spazz Attack (about to forward flip maybe)? Jello Biafra of soon-to-be DK is clearly visible in the audience…

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