All Hail the Radio

Over the months since RockRemnants was founded there has been discussion about the radio, both in listening to, and as in songs about.

I am still a big lover of radio. I still love listening to baseball on the radio, something that never seems to get old, and, with a station–like KTKE (101.5, in Truckee, Ca., and I cannot hype them enough–and a shuffle, I just am not that interested in subscribing to much.

So, I decided to try a list of songs about the radio. These are not necessarily the best, but they are indeed tunes I first heard over the tuner on my stereo, and they are the ones that came to mind as my favorites.

So, obviously, if you have suggestions or favorites, fire away.

PS-I considered putting Eddie Money’s Shakin’ on here, as it is a great radio and car song, and I do dig it. But, lately, all I have is the image of Eddie in those awful Geico (I guess “awful Geico” is redundant) commercials, and I just could not do it.

Road Runner (Modern Lovers): I don’t care what anyone says:  This IS the best song about the radio, in fact it is the best riding in the car song listening to the radio, ever. Nothing else is close.

Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo):  Just to show how terrific Road Runner is, I rank this song second among radio tunes, and it still isn’t close. And this song still kicks ass,which indicates how great The Modern Lovers are.

On Your Radio (Jackson): Part of what started these thoughts were Joe Jackson references in a couple of earlier pieces on the site. And, this is an excellent cut and terrific live performance. And, Joe plays a pretty mean harp.

Radio Radio (Costello): Also a great song, cynical Elvis at his best, and one that seems to work perfectly paired with Jackson.

Radio Free Europe (REM): I remember when I first heard this tune, when I first played my Murmer vinyl. I head heard a lot of REM hype, but I had yet to hear them, and when this song came on, I knew it was love.

Having a Party (Sam Cooke): I mistakenly referred to this song as Dancing with my Baby, but whatever you call it, this is so sweet, and Sam was so cool.

The Spirit of Radio (Rush): I recently wrote about this song as part of Night Music. Great to revisit, with a different live clip. Again, just a great song, and another one that is great with the car radio cranked up, way high.

Radio Wall of Sound (Slade): A fun tune, and one I know the least among this cluster, but I knew Steve would get a kick out of my putting it here.

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