Night Music: Yoko Ono, “Fireworks by Katy Perry”

This performance is in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. For about a month the microphone was set up in the atrium with the piano and people were invited to play or say anything. There was a placard saying that the piece was by Yoko Ono.

When I was there I went up to the microphone tentatively and grunted out a few sounds, but the space is too big, filled with too many people, to feel comfortable to me, and I quickly moved on. During the rest of our visit, however, we could hear people singing and groaning and screaming echoing through the modern MOMA’s clean white spaces.

Clearly Yoko has her own ideas about how to perform in this space. Have a happy new year!

3 thoughts on “Night Music: Yoko Ono, “Fireworks by Katy Perry”

  1. Johnny always said Yoko was way ahead of her time. I am convinced he was right, not that her art has always connected with me. In fact her tracks from Live Peace in Toronto still leave me largely puzzled.

    But, I cannot imagine John being with a humorless person.

    I think she is Andy Kaufman on steroids, though without Gene making the simile, I would have not.

    I do love this.

    Art is everywhere.

  2. This is at least interesting, which is more than I can say about the Katy Perry song. And funny.

    Art is up my ass.

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