Obit: Ronnie Biggs

A footnote in England’s Great Train Robbery, he was engaged to hire a train engineer to move the train forward to the unloading point and he hired an old guy named Pops who didn’t know how to operate the train, Biggs was captured because his fingerprint was found in the hideout on a catsup bottle. Biggs was also responsible for coshing the train’s original engineer on the head, and then forcing him to move the train forward himself while bleeding. The engineer died six years later, having never completely recovered.

A couple years later Biggs broke out of jail, and later ended up in Brazil, making money by hosting British tourists in his home for dinner. Which somehow led to a connection with Julian Temple, who was making his documentary the Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, the story of the Sex Pistols from Malcolm McLaren’s perspective. Great Train Roberry = Great R’n’R Swindle, leads to this (with Biggs on Vocals, Cook and Jones doing what they do, and apparently a random exiled Nazi playing bass):

Biggs died in England a couple of weeks ago.

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