Night Music: Metameric, “The Shiver”

metameric-onstageMy friend Dorothy shared this with me a few months ago. It comes from an EP put out by a band her son is in. I listened to it a lot at the time, and then didn’t, but I was reminded of it today when making my way through the Pitchfork top songs of 2013 list. I didn’t play all 100, but in my samplings I kept thinking about The Shiver. This isn’t my genre, particularly, but I like this song (and the rest of them on the EP) more than what I was hearing on the Pitchfork list.

Obviously this is my problem. The world has moved on. On the other hand, so have I. We’re both happier that way.

Propulsive rhythm, dynamic changes, singing that declares, and a melody. Maybe not so stylish, but I hear a solid elemental hard rock band pushing things forward. Good luck, Metameric.

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