One thought on “Rock Stars Wearing T-Shirts of the Bands They Influenced

  1. Well, now Steve will hate me forever, but…

    Kiss were the Miley Cyrus of their day.

    They were a competent rock band with some riffs that focused on marketing before music. Or, form before substance.

    That does not mean they were un-listenable. It just means their success was more a factor of gauging their audience than it was pure musicianship and riffs. Let alone standing by their art (something that damned Joni Mitchell has done).

    You can argue here all you want Steve, but…

    One of the reasons you said you loved KISS was that their album covers scared your little brother.

    That is like my asshole brother saying he was voting for Obama because of the songs on his shuffle. Which is like Diane saying her mother voted for Bush II because she thought Barbara was a nice grandmother.

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