Night Music: The Upper Crust, “Let Them Eat Rock”

It is not a joke to say that this is one of the great songs and performances of the rock era.

No, it wasn’t a hit. But listen again. We have time. It speaks to all of us, and it rocks.

The Upper Crust, Let them eat rock

The amazing thing is that nearly 20 years on the Louis 14 thing is still working. As it should. We’re fighting the upper crust more now than at any time since the 30s.

One thought on “Night Music: The Upper Crust, “Let Them Eat Rock”

  1. Catching up on my feeds after the holiday weekend and I was delighted to see this post! I’ve been a huge Upper Crust fan since the mid-’90s, and I still try to catch them whenever they play in NYC and they’re still amazing every time.

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