Night Music: Jerry Lee Lewis and Tom Jones, Medley

Television made (and makes) all kinds of surprising combinations, often with corny introductions which do no one any favors. Jerry Lee Lewis says he doesn’t drink in this clip, and looks sharp and energetic and collected here. And the musical cross section these two create is full of corn and rhythm. But what about that microphone placement?

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Jerry Lee Lewis and Tom Jones, Medley

  1. TJ is so over-the-top the King of Corn he’s in a class by himself. I purchased his 2-CD greatest hits many years ago, and whenever we need a laugh my wife and I throw it on. This is dangerous to other drivers as I am a constant threat to drive off the road in happy hysterics. But ya know, the man can SING. When he puts his all into a song he is the real deal. Most covers of Howlin Wolf songs are vocally pathetic, not TJ with Jack White:

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