Night Music: Of Montreal, “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”

I wanted to go with a Jobraith, thanks to Jody Rosen’s 60 great forgotten albums list, but while it’s interesting (stuff can be said) it’s not very good. Some grade b funk and lots of crap. But the funk put me in mind of overproduced campy self mythologizing, which reminded me of Of Montreal. I’m not a fan, but I happen to know this one Of Montreal song that I think kind of kicks it.

I look at this one as the “Roadrunner” of a club soundtrack that (even now is six years old) has a hypnotizing pulse and a first person spiel that goes on for a really long time, I would like to see this live. Or maybe I would have in 2007.

But the rest of this album, full disclosure, and my further samplings of their/his more recent stuff, dissuade me. Icelandic mythological sexist fantasy? Let’s leave that to Onan the Barbarian. And agree that the past is a grotesque animal. Duh.

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