Night Music: Public Image Ltd, “Poptones and Careering”

Watching the Jerry Lee Lewis clip I posted last night I was reminded of one of my favorite rock TV moments from 1980, on American Bandstand of all places, another shaggy-headed skinny man in a suit surrounded by pop fans improvised, delightfully. The song isn’t as good, but watching it on Saturday morning TV that long ago day seemed revolutionary.

5 thoughts on “Night Music: Public Image Ltd, “Poptones and Careering”

  1. I never saw this, thank you Peter. Despite their best efforts, a likeable band. Nice guitar in the first song, but even the 2nd one is a good dance goof. I’d like to smack John. He takes his fashion cues from Sid I notice, and he knows his Brian Ferry. Tsk, tsk, so traditional.

    • The basement “loft” on Mulberry Street in which I lived at the time I saw this American Bandstand, we deemed the “Nut Club” because of the brand of pistachios and peanuts available in bags at the bodega next door (where we had credit). When our crazy-assed landlords poured new concrete out front we added the Nut Club name, which is still there to this day. I think John Lydon serves as proof that there are people who shine, no matter what. He’s amazing, someone to watch, no matter what the situation. And, to his credit, Dick Clark saw that. I don’t want him to run the world, but I’m glad he is in it.

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