Night Music: Brian Evans, “At Fenway”

There is nothing rock ‘n’ roll about this one, but when I first saw it last spring I was captivated. Kind of like Napoli holding Kolten Wong on in game four, nothing seems to be as it should be (there’s William Shatner for Conigliaro’s sake!), and yet is more than simply watching a train wreck. I think Brian Evans means it sincerely.

One thought on “Night Music: Brian Evans, “At Fenway”

  1. It was a brilliant move at making himself a legend. Love the song or not, he’s a part of Red Sox history. The National Baseball Hall of Fame just added this video to it’s library. It was a brilliant, brilliant move that only small minded people, such as yourself, don’t get. From a PR stand point of view, it got his name out there…to more than 11 million people just on YouTube alone.

    So yeah…he means it. :)… and I think it was very good marketing on behalf of the singer, whoever is behind it. Millions of people now know a guy they didn’t before, and judging by the other video’s with multi-million views, it worked.

    Don’t hate because all you do is write a blog on the internet! Shatner isn’t typing those words for you!

    But he did for him.

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