Night Music: Ramones, “Suzy Is A Headbanger”

This came to mind because I just watched the Frontline doc about the NFL and CTE, a disease apparently caused by repetitive impacts to the head. The show does a stately and fairly orderly recitation of the facts, and the efforts by some doctors at Boston University working with the wives of former players afflicted with the disease to get the NFL to acknowledge there is a problem. The League has been doing a dance around the issue for 20 years, no doubt in part because (as one player in the program says) what kind of game would football be without the collisions?

What kind of band would the Ramones be without those banging drums and guitars? One that comes up with exceptionally clever melodies and lyrical strategies, as they do on this one. The audio is only fair, but when the volume is up it doesn’t matter that much.

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