I Liked the Yachts?

There was a period in my life when I often wrote the words to a song by the Yachts on bathroom walls.

“I wouldn’t climb any mountain for you
Ford every stream
That’s a daft thing to do
Because I’m cynical cynical cynical
Through and through.”

That’s a clever but obvious turn on Climb Every Mountain, but is it worth the effort? Almost certainly not.

In hindsight, for any graffiti I wrote, I was an ass.

From the current perspective, this is a pretty weak new wave song with a cleverly cynical lyric (and energetic Farfisa organ). I loved this song enough to write it on bathroom walls. That doesn’t reflect well on me.

I hope this works.

5 thoughts on “I Liked the Yachts?

  1. I’m sure I saw good graffiti, but the best I remember is: Look down. The joke is in your hand.

    The graffito that I believe I invented that matters most was:

    N D

    Or something like that. There were many ways to arrange it. Especially with a sharpie. But the fact that we had Eno and Devo together seemed, incredible. At the time.

  2. This particular song doesn’t really stand out for me, but I still really like “Yachting Type,” “Suffice To Say” and “Look Back In Love (Not In Anger)” even after playing them to death on my college radio show.

    • [I replaced the original post, which was unhelpful and best forgotten, at 2:16 pm on October 8, 2013]

      Your college radio show? At the same college I went to? At roughly the same time? Doesn’t it seem possible you planted these earworms originally? Or maybe it was something in the wind, like a sail.

      Playing all these songs today, I’m struck how often I played this album back then, but what I recalled was the cynical angry one. And what I forgot was just how throwback this sound was. The harmonies and lyrics could land in the middle of a Hollies album and feel quite at home. There’s even a little steel drum sound on Look Back In Love (Not in anger).

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