Night Music: Mary Wells, “You Beat Me To The Punch”

Earlier today I signed up for a music referral service called My Jams (I think). And posted a clip of the Crystals performing Da Doo Ron Ron on a TV show, with fantastic go go dancers. But I can’t figure out how to transfer that clip to this site, so I’m abandoning it.

And rather than double post the Crystals’ “Da Doo Ron Ron,” the greatest rock song of all time, today, I thought I’d instead shimmy into a really great Smokey Robinson song performed by the fantastic Mary Wells.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: Mary Wells, “You Beat Me To The Punch”

    • It’s a great great song, and the idea of claiming one is better than all others is obviously goofy. So my argument comes down to this: Da Doo Ron Ron is epic, while You Beat Me to the Punch is smaller and more particular.

  1. I love Da Doo Ron Ron. And, I love You Beat Me to The Punch (technically, more cohesive words, IMHO).

    But, I think “He’s A Rebel” (penned by Gene Pitney) beats them both out.

    I do remember having a serious crush on Mary Wells, however, when punch came out. But, I never had one on Ronnie Spector (I guess Ronnie was not the lead in the Crystals, but I still always though Mary was hotter).

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