Night Music: Quasi, “Our Happiness Is Guaranteed”

Janet Weiss is a killer drummer. She’s probably better known for her work in Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag, but I first saw her as a member of Quasi. Quasi is a two-piece band out of Portland Oregon, with an unusual organ/drum alignment. Kind of like White Stripes with organ instead of guitar, and a drummer who can kick ass, royally. The organ player, Sam Coombs, used to be married to Ms Weiss, and he’s an action figure on stage, often using his body and the principles of levers and balance to make things happen. I first saw them live opening for Elliott Smith and they were a delightful surprise, partly because of the novelty of the performance, partly because the songs are pretty good, and partly because the rhythms were excellent. The sound on this clip is mediocre, but you get lots of video of Janet Weiss playing.

To hear the song for real you’ll want to find the elpee mix.

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