5 thoughts on “HELMET: This may be their best song…

  1. That Space Hog video may be the worst I’ve ever seen. Hilariously bad, like it was made by someone who had never seen a rock video before.

    Helmet vs. Space Hog. The battle is joined.

  2. That’s an odd take. The worst Spacehog video or the worst video ever? You’re a film guy, so please educate us ignorant video folk.

  3. What I meant was the worst video I’ve seen for any song, ever, but I have to admit that’s probably hyperbole. I think it’s funny that the singer doesn’t seem to know how to lip synch, making all big mouthed exaggerated mouth movements. And it’s funny the way the hour glass at the end is so cheesily spinning as if it were flying through the air, but it is clearly not flying through the air. And who are these people? The video makes no effort to say who they are. At first I thought art crowd, but then there are some students, and so maybe they’re people the video company could get to hang out all day while the singer made big mouth movements.

    And most of these people don’t do anything but stare. But then a few do other things, like the girl who seems to rub her breast and then grips the electrical conduit. And the random whip pans from one blank face to another, with crazy random jump cuts from shots of the wall or the floor or a face. And what’s with the girl making out the transvestite for brief second, and then more faces.

    Finally, back to the hourglass: The dude throws it into the crowd and it spins like a big curve ball but it doesn’t actually move clearly, and there are some hands waving at it–as if the crowd needs to hourglass–but the director intersperses some shots of the band leaving the stage and the art-damaged crowd (maybe they all are of a type) aren’t chasing after the hourglass, they’re just standing around like the show is over.

    I think it’s funny. But maybe I’m missing something cosmic. I do think the song is going to win in a landslide, and it isn’t uninteresting to play both videos at the same time, at least for a minute or two.

  4. I liked all of Spacehog’s original albums, in a Bowie-ripoff sort of way. They put out a new one like a year ago, but I didn’t have enough rekindled interest to buy it. The singer married and (I assume) schtupped Liv Tyler for a few years. That counts for something.

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