Song of the Week – My Life as a Dog in a Pigsty, The Bitter Springs

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Today’s SotW is by the eccentric British band The Bitter Springs. I had never heard of them until a few weeks ago when I read a review of their latest album, Everyone’s Cup of Tea, in MOJO magazine. It sounded interesting so I listened to it on Spotify.

This band is a hoot. They formed in 1985 as Last Party and changed their name to The Bitter Springs in 1996. Over this period of time they released scores of singles and about a dozen albums. Everyone’s Cup of Tea is their first since 2006, but it’s a double and filled with interesting songs. How this band has escaped me all these years is a puzzlement.

There are many songs from ECOT that I could have chosen for the SotW, but I’ve selected “My Life as a Dog in a Pigsty” for one reason. It contains the funniest lyric I’ve heard in a very long time (at about 2:30 in).

I split up with my fiancée
She caught me in bed with Beyonce
Beyonce was our dog’s name

That was over a year ago
It was so hard to see her go
But the puppies are doing just fine

Sick? Yes. But funny? Hell yes!!!

Enjoy… until next week.

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