Song Battle No. 3: Bill Haley, Meet Little Richard!

Little Richard’s version of “Rip It Up” was the first release, followed later by Bill Haley and the Comets’ cover. Which do you like best?

The song was written by John Marrascalco and Robert Blackwell, who also wrote Good Golly Miss Molly and Ready Teddy for Little Richard.

3 thoughts on “Song Battle No. 3: Bill Haley, Meet Little Richard!

  1. As I said before, not even close. I just couldn’t find a good Little Richard version and the dancing was crazy in the Bill Haley.

    1) I was hoping Little Richard would jump on the drummer’s head at some point.
    2) Not one, but TWO baritone saxes. Some serious honking going on there.

  2. not as big a gap between haley and richard here as there is between pat boone and richard on tutti fruitti, but no one does richard even close to richard.

  3. Yeah, Bill Haley had a good band, just not Little Richard’s. From a technical standpoint, you can make the argument that the first guitar solo in “Rock Around the Clock” has never been topped. I don’t want to post it now and add confusion, but damn that guy smokes and I’ve never heard any rocker even try to do what he does.

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