4 thoughts on “It’s Still a Long Way to the Top, but…

  1. I love these guys. My older sons, who have all been bouncers at the local rocknroll club, know them well and have sung on stage with them (nice Irish boys). They love them beyond all reason and say they are great guys. Of course they kick ass, and are not really a cover band, although they had a huge regional hit (remember them?) in 2007 when they covered “Tessie” for the Fenway Faithful at World Series time. Alas, without the Honus Wagner verse.

  2. They did this as their encore when I saw them in April at Coachella. It was a fun ending to the show. Jonathan Papelbon used their version of “I’m Shipping Off to Boston” as his entrance song when he was with the Sox. When he went to Philly they let it be known that they didn’t want him using it anymore. (Not that it would make much sense to use a song about Boston in Philly.) Plus, they recorded my Alma Mater’s fight song (“For Boston”), so you gotta love them.

  3. Doesn’t add anything to the original version (the singer’s sure no Bon Scott), but it would be virtually impossible to make this song bad. Joni Mitchell would probably sound good doing it.

  4. By the way, gotta tell a boring, indulgent story here. When I turned 16 (1976), I had my friend install an 8-track player in my dad’s ’68 Rambler station wagon, since that would be the car I’d be driving most. My first drive all alone was up to our church (perhaps for choir practice) and the first tape I put in was “High Voltage” which, of course, kicks off with “Long Way To The Top.” I cranked it up and felt like I was on top of the world.

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