2 thoughts on “Essential Remnants: #10. Buddy Holly and the Chirping Crickets

  1. It is hard for me to believe I did not put a Holly disc on my list. But, in a way, it is my own ignorance.

    I do own two separate Holly compilations, that are regularly in play on my shuffle.

    But, my belief that “greatest hits” albums are not really fair as a comparison in great albums kept me from picking either of those.

    Still, I was four, going on five when “Peggy Sue” came out, and I don’t think at the time I thought I had ever heard anything better. It took my breath away (Holly was eventually usurped by the Impressions “Gypsy Woman” which still makes me wonder what was going on in my head that I was drawn to the pop music I was, and not Burl Ives “Funny Way of Laughing” as a pretty young boy?).

    Holly is an all time favorite, however, and a model for much of my own songwriting.

    He more than deserves this spot.

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