Icona Pop. Get Used To It.

Here’s a giant pop song by a Scandinavian band who isn’t Turbonegro or Hellacopters or Abba that is gleefully nihilistic, totally hooky, rocks like hell, and yet, as a Top 40 hit, qualifies as a guilty pleasure.

When I listen I hear the Runaways sneer meeting Bananarama’s polish, distilled and supercharged and to me a surprising hit because the first sound is oi. But in any case, despite a knee jerk prejudice against Eurodisco, this is a song glorifying wreckage, with a great beat and a decent hook. I don’t care, and I love it.

2 thoughts on “Icona Pop. Get Used To It.

  1. I was kind of liking the video but realized it was turning the song into some Cars-like goof, rather than some more Scandinavian pop rock designed to delight.

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