2 thoughts on “Essential Remnants: #31. The Who, Live at Leeds

  1. The Who are my all-time favorite band (with the Kinks, close behind) and I played this one–intended scratches and all-to death.

    I do have the extended on CD (and still my album with all the cool stuff they put in, like the Woodstock contract and the Marquee poster) and was lucky enough to see them a couple of times live, including on the Who’s Next tour.

    This is up there in live albums.

    And, everything they did from Happy Jack through at least By Numbers I love.

    As noted, Next, and the Who Sell Out are all time faves.

  2. Lawr, I have a few friends who love the Who above all, I’ll have to introduce you to each other. Keith Moon is on fire here. I regret that I never saw them live. The one chance I remember we went to buy tickets and they were sold out immediately.

    Was there ever a worse fashion period than the early 70s?

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