4 thoughts on “Essential Remnants: #43. Supershit 666, Self-titled

  1. Hot damn. Now THIS is rock ‘n’ roll. We’d have been more careful if we knew this was coming out in 1999. Sincerely, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, John Bonham, Keith Moon and Bon Scott.

    • Joni Mitchell, too! The YouTube clip is the whole short elpee, and is both grotesquely dense and distorted and full of fantastic harmonies and rock effects. Well worth your time if you can wade into the mire of the sound, which starts to become something a whole lot more pretty quickly. Steve, can we have some backstory here? Who is so Supershit 666?

  2. Do tell. I’ve never heard this or even heard of it. Way beyond standard thrash. It actually has ROOTS and it rockses. They must kick live. My son Patrick wants to produce them.

  3. I’ll write a separate post on who they are and their very short history. Thanks, guys, for giving a listen. The CD is sonically way better than the youtube. You owe it to yourselves to get it. I’d send you each a copy if I had any money left.

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